We were obviously delighted by last week’s performance and result which got us up and running in the table. Dewsbury going to Widnes and getting a result was good for them but perhaps it will have increased the determination of Widnes to seek a win today. So it promises to be a cracking game and with good weather forecast  it would have been great atmosphere with a decent crowd which we could all have enjoyed and made a few quid to pay our way. Alas not to be. So OuRLeague it is for most people which is disappointing but i must say the quality of the images and production is pretty good.

I mentioned last week about having to be  “relevant “ for 2022 and one factor being OuRLeague members. If we could get another 500 people to sign up to the App and put BatleyBulldogs as their Club i can assure you that would make a big difference to our standing. It costs nothing to join and once you have become a member you can use the App as much or as little as you like so it’s not a big ask. If every supporter could get a few friends to join we could easily achieve that and apart from taking the time to do it there is no cost. Has anybody got any other ideas how we could achieve this? Just let us know by contacting the Club or email me on [email protected]k

I should add that we are pretty good  on membership as it is but another 500 would make a significant difference.
The pitch yet again looks magnificent. Our long standing groundsman Jim Morley retired before the season started so we have no groundsman at the moment which makes it an even better achievement. This is more hard work by volunteers. We have been spot weeding this week both on the pitch and around the ground which is about as boring a job as you can get but it needs doing to keep on top of everything and when the weedkiller takes effect it will be one more thing to make us look the best we can. Also Vinny Kerr of Kerr Interiors donated a superb piece of grass cutting equipment which would have cost us thousands of pounds so massive thank you to one of our great sponsors as this is yet another reason for the pitch looking good. For years we have neglected our groundsman’s equipment but as part of our reboot we have had everything serviced and repaired and again a big thank you to another top sponsor Dick from RM Motors. We have some more small items coming this week to complete the overall.

Any supporter needing their car repaired or serviced please think of RM Motors who will do an excellent job at a reasonable price and we all need to look after each other.

Anyway for now hopefully enjoy the game on OuRLeague and support our draw in these difficult times.