Patch Walker’s first successful kick of the game against Toronto Wolfpack registered the 2 that took him to an outstanding 1500 career points.

The total of 1500 was reached with 418 for Batley (6 tries, 195 goals, 2 field goals; 2016-2018), 225 for Sheffield (20 tries, 71 goals, 3 field goals; 2013-2015) and 857 for Dewsbury (25 tries, 378 goals, 1 field goal; 2007-2012).

The kick came early in a thrilling tie at The Fox’s Biscuits Stadium between The Bulldogs and high flying Toronto Wolfpack in which he added 2 further conversions. The landmark comes just 9 days after Patch also reached 400 points for Batley in just 57 games.