We are continuing with our War Chest in 2018, which will be its third Season.  In the first two years, we have raised almost £30,000. towards helping to pay winning pay and this year, as finances are challenging again, with some Super League Clubs trying to take monies from the Championship, it is vital that we seek to maximise all income streams.  We wish to ensure that we are financially stable and able to prosper should we achieve our goals of winning games.  Last Season we had 147 Members but this year we have a target of 200 Members and so we are hoping people will renew or join the Scheme for the first time.


We therefore ask you to consider joining. Members either pay £100.for the Season as we target 20 wins or sponsor £5. every time we win a game.  If we do not win there is nothing to pay, as we do not need the finances to pay winning pay.  Once we know you wish to be a Member we will give you a Membership number and send out envelopes in the post to your home address.  The envelopes will have your Membership number on them.  We have a War Chest on the Bulldog Bar and on the Bar in Ron’s Lounge and you can post your envelopes with £100. or £5. in there when we win.


As an added bonus War Chest Members get 50p a pint off drinks in Ron’s Lounge pre-match and after every win there is a free Members’ draw with a prize of £100. drawn pre-match in Ron’s Lounge at the next game after the win.  This year we will email winning numbers and post them on our website, Facebook and Twitter accounts so that you know if you have won but were not in Ron’s Lounge when the draw was made.


That’s it really so if you have any queries or wish to join then email your name, address, telephone number and preferred email address to contact you to [email protected] and we will send you your Membership in the post.  Please indicate whether you wish to pay £100. for the Season or £5. per win.


Let’s see if we can get to 200 Members to help make 2018 a good year for the Bulldogs!