Friday 14th Sepember.

Everyone should know now that the vote at the meeting today was in favour of the proposal which I personally find disappointing as now the risk of a worse TV deal as a  consequence of a potentially devastating financial cut in the Championship from 2022.  We now have to hope that the present TV deal can be matched or indeed improved upon. However as the vote amongst Championship & League 1 Clubs was 15-9 in favour,  for whatever reasons we have to accept the process and move forward.

All sections of the sport now must move on and do our best to improve our own house, get everything in order and promote our competitions in the best possible way to seek to improve our own finances and exposure in all possible areas of media. We must be positive and put any long term worries to one side so that we are prepared for all eventualities and try to convince  possible new supporters that we are a great sport that is worth watching.

The one massive positive in all the unsavoury events this year is that some clubs who have worked together have strengthened our already strong friendships which will help us to work even more closely together to try to move forward as one.

We voted together and now stand firmly side by side.We certainly have a challenge ahead but we now need to show some determination to improve our own lot. I am sure we can turn a negative into a positive. We can now start our plans for 2019 and beyond under the new structure.