A new partnership between the Community Team and Comoodle will help the active sessions to thrive in North Kirklees.

Comoodle are an online sharing platform and the venture will enable the community team borrow a range of sports equipment including BATAK walls, a balance rail, trampolines, spinning bikes, speed jumps and a variety of kits to hold cricket, boxing, badminton and hockey sessions.

This will ad to the activities already held for school pupils, the elderly, and young people with complex needs, such as our regular visitors from Ravenshall School in Dewsbury.

Community Manager Jon Humpleby said: “We have been able to borrow equipment from Comoodle that has enabled us to hold Mission Active multi-skills days, while growing our community gym sessions. “Comoodle’s help has also meant we have been able to visit schools and take our sessions into the community which has been fantastic.

“We couldn’t afford two BATAK walls without Comoodle’s help so it has allowed us to do things that we wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. “It’s really important we get involved in the community and that we are seen to be a focus group where people can come along, get together and do fun activities.

“From a club perspective, it’s really nice for the supporters to see you doing things within the community because the young people are the future fans of the club so we need to engage them. “It is also nice to think you are making a difference within the community — whether that is getting people active, building confidence or self-esteem.
“We need to spread the word about Comoodle and the amazing things we have been able to borrow. “We have a responsibility to keep in contact with the groups we work with and share the good work it does for the community.”