Exciting new partnership for Essential Care group and the Bulldogs

Paula Chamberlain the Batley based Care entrepreneur has entered into a care industry first, creating a Partnership with Batley Bulldogs, to provide the drive for a local pilot scheme in encouraging new candidates into the world of care and educating people that “care is cool”.

Managing Director & founder Paula Chamberlain said: “I am truly delighted to be able to confirm the recent partnership with Batley bulldogs. Following a very successful placement for with a semi-professional rugby player within our care team, I soon realised we needed more of these like-minded, motivational people within our service. There is a national shortage of male support workers and something we have always struggled with.”

““Overall the adult social care workforce remains one where females made up the majority of the workforce, with 82% females and 18% males.”
(Skills for Care, The state of the adult social care sector and workforce in England, September 2016)
“This partnership also creates great career opportunities for players and also fans who see their idols promoting “care is cool” and hopefully this will inspire a various range of people to enquire about roles within the care industry.

“For some time I have considered the historical difficulties we have in recruiting into the care industry and I always seem to come back to the same reasons. People have said on many occasions over the years that they think it’s all about “wiping bums” and it simply is not. Our vision is to change the perception of caring for someone and show people the difference you can make to people’s lives with the small things in life that many of us take for granted.

In my first meeting with Jon the community manager of Bulldogs, we found we had similarities for our organisations and our joint visions quickly became clear. We have spent many months exploring how a partnership could look, and ultimately decided to move forward ASAP on our partnership and start working together to make a difference within the local community.”

Paula who began her career in care over 18 years ago as a care assistant before managing both domiciliary care and residential care provision outlined “to go through the growth and realise our vision for the business, we need to create strong professional partnerships with like-minded organisations and people. It’s such an exciting time for collaboration at the moment and fortunately I’m finding that a lot of local businesses and services are coming together and really caring about making a change together.

Essential Care Group provide specialist and luxury care to adults and children in their own home. The business now has up to 50 staff and a remit to expand going forward, they are planning to roll out this pilot scheme regionally, then nationally in the future to reach out to more communities and also encourage more involvement with local sporting clubs.

From this inspiring partnership they have already began supporting each other within community. Essential are providing support to some of the fans and their families, they are registering various carers through the recruitment scheme and are already involved in some local schools projects together.
Essential will also be sponsoring a match very soon and more exciting information and news will be released shortly.

Jon Humpleby, Community Manager of Batley Bulldogs said: “We’re very pleased to announce that Essential Care Group have come on board as a community sponsor. We’re really excited about the start of the partnership and the direction it is going in. We’re hoping it’s going to provide exciting opportunities for the fans, the players and the wider community to get involved in a career in the care sector. This will allow us to provide more positive and life enhancing activities for people in the local area.”
Together we will make a difference