This weekend Matt Diskin takes the whole squad to the Dales as part of their pre season preparation and the Supporters Club have stepped in to sponsor the event, with the help of Dean from Station Coaches. This is possible due to the Supporters Club having a successful 2016 after a difficult previous season. Monies raised have been a joint effort from the Doghouse and the “Battle Bus” and they hope they can do even better in 2017.

At the beginning of 2016 the Supporters Club were often struggling to run buses to away games and even the future of the Doghouse was in doubt. However with help from Dean at Station Coaches and the re-organisation of the away coach which was also renamed the “Battle Bus” they began to build up more support such that not only were they able to run a coach to every game but also make small profits. The Doghouse also continue to work hard with Ravensport and thanks in particular to Jean Booker and Sue Rush were also able to post a surplus. New signs for the Doghouse have been ordered and paid for by the Supporters Club as they also hope to prosper in 2017. Mike Booker commented “We have all been invigorated in 2016 by the increased interest and support we have had clearly on the back of the teams success. This has enabled us to make a profit and if we can help Matt with his team preparation for this year then that is why we are here. We all just want to help the Club continue to improve and hopefully people can see that by travelling on the “Battle Bus” and supporting the Doghouse we can help the Club achieve success. We will all be continuing to work hard in 2017 and also with help from Jim McVeigh we will continue to run carparks at home games to further assist in anyway we can.

Chairman Kevin Nicholas added “The Supporters Club” went from strength to strength in 2016 and to be in a position to give us £1300 to fun Matt’s preparations is superb. This is yet another example of all parts of the Club working together. I hope supporters can see that by getting behind the Supporters Club in anyway they can make a difference and help us to improve. A big thank you to everybody.

Pictured with head coach Matt Diskin and Dean with the Battle Bus from Station Coaches are Supporters Club committee members Mike and Jean Booker, Sue Rush, Ged Littlewood, Pete Rawnsley and Graham Hunter.